2016 Extreme Savings Event

 Trav’s Outfitter Off Site Extreme Savings event – going on now in the building just west of Target in Watertown – through May 1 only!

literally thousands of workboots for just 40 bucks

Men’s jeans for 15 bucks

Carhartt zip sweatshirts for $40

Motorcycle chaps are 50 bucks

leather vests for $30

motorcycle jackets for $80

get brand new items at near garage sale prices

Men’s western boots for $60

kids boots for 20 bucks

insulated boots for just $50

Under Armour hoodies for only $38

ladies western boots for $50

men’s western boots for just 60 bucks

ladies pac boots for $30

kids pac boots for only $17

lace work boots and shoes for $40

Carhartt and under armour shorts for just $20

men’s and ladies athletic shoes for $40

table of shoes and boots for 10 to $20