About Us

Travas Uthe was just 15 years old when he started working in the footwear industry on Kemp Avenue in uptown Watertown, South Dakota. He gained valuable lessons in customer service and got an education in footwear, and he knew someday he would take off on his own.

With more than 15 years experience in footwear and the hard work and honesty is takes to achieve the American dream, Travas founded Trav’s Outfitter in December, 2003. The humble beginnings of Trav’s included warehousing and selling out of his home garage. It wasn’t easy, but Travas knew if kept his focus and his values, he could make it work.

In May 2004, the Trav’s Outfitter location on north highway 20 in Watertown was opened. Travas shared the space with a pizza and sub shop to help pay the rent and blocked part of the store off with cattle panels so it wouldn’t look too empty. This experience taught him selling shoes and pizza in the same building may not be the best idea.

Travas knew the value of hard work and understood the worth of every single customer. He passed this strong passion for customer service along to his staff back then, and still does today.

Firmly established as the #1 source in the area for work and western shoes and clothing, Trav’s Outfitter outgrew their location and built a 28,000 square foot store on west highway 212 in Watertown, SD, in 2018.

Trav’s Outfitter strives to work hard every day to deliver the best quality products and outstanding customer service, along with competitive prices. Regardless of your style, hobby, or profession, Trav’s has the shoes, clothing, and accessories you want.

Trav’s Outfitter carries the best selection of work shoes for every environment, plus so much more. You’ll find a full array of western boots, from work and casual to high end, athletic shoes, hunting and biker boots and gear, western and work gear for you and your family, in total more than 30,000 plus styles of shoes, jeans, shirts, hats, belts, jewelry and more. We strive to offer the absolute best selection of brands, styles, colors, sizes, and widths.

We carry all the latest styles from the brands you trust like Keen, Timberland Pro, Under Armour, New Balance, Merrell, Brooks, Saucony, Ariat, Justin, Carhartt, Cinch, Wrangler, and so many more.

Over the years we’ve evolved our company and product selection but never have we lost our focus on the customer. Our staff is well trained and educated to make sure you get the right shoe for you and your lifestyle.

Trav's Outfitter is a business that is innovative, not afraid of changing, and always looking to improve for the future. Trav's Outfitter is a family. From our immediate "team" family to our extended family of customers, vendors, and the communities we service and support.

Our purpose is to honor God and enrich lives as we deliver the best retail experience possible. We fulfill our purpose by doing business based on honesty, humility, service, and caring. We want to create a positive experience for the Trav's Outfitter family and everyone we touch.

Trav’s Outfitter is open Monday through Saturday 8 am to 8 pm and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.





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