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Your #1 Choice In Mobile Safety Shoe Service

We are your #1 choice in mobile safety shoe service.

Trav’s offers over 45 quality brands with the greatest selection of 400+ shoe styles to choose from. In addition, Trav’s has an impressive selection of over 80 women's styles.

The Trav’s Shoemobile carries 800-1500 pairs of IN STOCK shoes for fast on-site convenient shopping for your employees.

With over 30 years in the industrial footwear business, we get the shoe and fit done right... We just work HARDER!

Here at Trav’s we take HR and Safety Directors out of the shoe business. We take care of your employees footwear needs.

We will adjust our processes to fit your needs.

Trav’s mission is simple, honest, business ethics. If we don’t believe something is right, we don’t do it.
Call to schedule a Trav's Outfitter Boot Truck visit to your location: 1.866.508.5894
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