'Northside' Men's Smokey Point 200GR WP Winter Boot - Brown

'Northside' Men's Smokey Point 200GR WP Winter Boot - Brown


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Northside believes that you should be able to enjoy being outside without a lot of expense and a bunch of unnecessary bulk and features. Stay warm and odor-free with the removable felt liner. 

  • 920791M 200
  • Leather Upper - 12.5" leather upper keeps your feet in the boot and everything else out
  • D-Ring Quick Lacing System - Allowing for quick and easy lace up or adjustment without wasting hours taking your boots on or off
  • Waterproof Sealed Seam Construction - An invisible line of tape inside the boot covers the seams to ensure your boots don't leak and your feet stay dry in wet conditions
  • Rubber Outsole - Ensures great traction even in snowy or icy conditions to avoid slips and falls
  • Rubber Rand - The rubber around the bottom of the boot that protects the leather from scrapes and marks
  • 200G Thinsulate Lining - Keeps your feet warm without adding unnecessary bulk
  • Padded Berber Collar - to ensure the boots don't cut into your calves and become uncomfortable
  • Removable Felt Liner - Makes it quick and easy to keep the inside of your boots hygienic, clean and without any funky smells


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