'Yeti' Loadout 5 Gallon Bucket - Charcoal

'Yeti' Loadout 5 Gallon Bucket - Charcoal


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How many ways can you utilize a 5 gallon bucket? Too many ways to count. This bucket is not to be used as a cooler. It has harder work to do while you're hunting and fishing or working in the garage or on the ranch.

  • 26010000012
  • BEARFOOT™ NON-SLIP RING-No slipping, no sliding, and it's non-marking
  • FOOD SAFE-Just in case
  • SURESTRONG™ BUILD-This workhorse is high-impact-resistant and virtually indestructible
  • HEFTYHAULER™ HANDLE-Designed for easy hauling and comfortable carrying
  • ANCHORPOINT™ TIE-DOWN SLOTS-Secure your bucket to the back of your ATV, truck, or boat to keep it snug and secure
  • LIPGRIP™ HANDLE-Makes carrying your catch seem like less of a chore

* Please note: This product is not a cooler.



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