A Little Spring Sale History

A Little Spring Sale History

Roll the clock back a few years.1986. I had been working at the store Uptown since the June prior. Marguerite decided that we needed to run a big sale. She was looking to get her cash in a better position as well as take some sales from her competition. 

She owned some 18'X50’ surplus army tents. She made some calls and secured a lot to rent along Highway 212 in front of the Dan Dugan (near where O'Reilly auto parts is today). We went out and put up two tents end to end and filled them with boots. 

The "Tent and Boot Sale" was born. For the next few years this became an annual event in early to mid April. As the success grew, we outgrew the tents. We then held the sale in different vacant buildings along highway 212. 

One particular year she rented the old Larrabee furniture building. (located right where NAPA is today).  I remember it rained for a week straight. Great for business, but the roof was so bad it was almost like being outside! There were almost as many buckets catching drips as there were pairs of boots! 

We still hold a sale that hearkens back to those times, nearly 33 years later. Recently we have held the sale in the former "Expressions" building near Target. This year will be different. With our new store, there is no reason to move a bunch of inventory to a higher traffic location. We are at the high traffic location everyday! 

We have been in planning mode for the 2019 sale for weeks now. More details about the timing of the sale will be released soon. We are hoping you will be able to make time to come see us.

As I type I can almost smell the odor of the waxed OD green canvas that those tents were made of. I can almost hear the canvas flapping in the South Dakota wind. I can visualize the roof of that old building drip, drip, dripping. I can almost hear Marguerite telling customers that we can stretch those boots to fit. (She loved to sell them a bit too small).

Great Memories. All made by customers like you. Probably made by your fathers and grandfathers.

Thank you for those memories!

Hope to see you all soon at our 2019 Sale.

Have a Blessed Day,



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