Get out and ride!

Get out and ride!
Well Folks,
It is here.
The weather that we have been waiting on! Warm, sunny, and dry. Get that motorcycle out of the shed, throw a leg over it and get out and ride!
My daughter and I have been out for a few rides already. It is just so much more fun when the weather cooperates.  
Here at Trav's, we have the clothing and footwear to keep you protected.
We carry Daytona helmets. One of the thinnest and lightest half shells available.  You hardly know you have a helmet on. 
We also carry shaded and clear glasses, and gloves of all weights - insulated or uninsulated, with gauntlets or without. We carry UPF rated shirts for those of us that have been sun burned too many times.
Of course we have the largest selection of riding leathers around: vests, jackets, and chaps in all price ranges. 
Boots for riding are a must. That part of riding protection has changed vastly. We still sell heavy duty boots for riding, but there has been a strong trend the last few years to lighter weight footwear for riding. Hiker and sneaker type footwear is really trending in this category, and we have you covered there as well.
We will be starting our Trav's rides the week of June 8th. Keep in touch with us on our website and Facebook. We would love to have you join us. 
Ride safe. Ride responsibly.
When you mow, keep the clippings on your yard!
Until next time,
God's Blessings,


Sold Out