Becoming a Grandfather

Becoming a Grandfather
Merry Christmas to all!
It has been some time since my last blog. In technical terms, maybe this is just a message and not a blog once there is a long break between posts.
At any rate, I have been asked to resume my messages. I think that is a great idea. Often I need someone to hold me to a task. Thank you, Shane.
I would like to write today about a big event in our family. Sherri and I are going to become grandparents!  Sherri says that she doesn't want to be called Grandma, she prefers Gma. Not sure the reason, but it is all good.
When we first found out months ago, I was excited. I have always liked children. The thought that there would be a new baby in our family was exciting.
Then there were all of the thoughts of really fun things that I could do with a grandchild. Motorcycle rides. Hot rod rides. Ice cream treats. A new little buddy for me to hang out with and an opportunity to teach them fun things.  As reality has sunk in, I realize that it will be months or years before some of these dreams will come to fruition.
Then there is the stage that I have been in for a few weeks now; prayer. Lots of prayer over the child, and the parents Jen and Sheldon. Prayers for health. Prayers for an easy and safe delivery. Prayers for parents that will grow tired as they care for this new baby.
You see, when I became a father almost 30 years ago, I didn't see the miracle that new life is. The process all those years ago seemed so "mechanical".
Conception, maternity,  No big deal. Everyone is doing it! Right.
Today in my faith walk, it is all so very different.  A true reverence for the multiple miracles that have to occur all at the precise time to produce a brand new human.
By now many of you are thinking that Travas has lost his mind. You could be correct, but I feel that this way of seeing God's work is so healthy.
In this season we celebrate a birth. A Holy birth. A miraculous birth. Much different than our grandchild, but yet the same. You see, Jesus was a great gift given to a world that had no real understanding of the gravity of the situation. Just another baby, born to a teenage girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Delivered in a barn amongst livestock.
I believe that GOD had a purpose for every detail of the Christmas story. With one of the largest details being where he was born. In a barn; not a castle.  Proof to me that Jesus was sent to save ALL. Even me! Even You!
I pray that you might take time to celebrate the greatest gift EVER this Christmas season!
Until next time,


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