Class Reunions

Class Reunions

Class Reunions. For some these two words are pure excitement. For others, they sound like a jail sentence. And for most, they probably incite indifference. No matter where you fall on this scale, chances are you have been or will be invited to a class reunion in your lifetime.

I am a 1988 graduate of Watertown High School. We still had KI-YI back then. In 1987, we were one of two groups that built the first two KI-YI cars. We were even able to drive them in the parade ourselves! There was lots of other fun that was had, I thank GOD that social media did not exist!

For me, my first couple of class reunions were kinda tough. The 5 year and ten year reunions were filled with 20-somethings that were either trying to continue their high school days or over-impress their classmates. Looking back, we were just trying to find our way in life. No harm, no foul.

By our 20-year reunion, many had found their way. It was a good experience for me. I was able to have meaningful conversations with many people that I hadn't seen in years, and it was fun to catch up.  It was fun to hear about their families and their careers. Like most events, a few people do the lion's share of the work for all to enjoy. Looking back, we have been blessed to have classmates willing to do the work.

For our 30 year reunion, there didn't seem to be a group that was hungry to step up and plan, so a few of my classmates and myself formed a group. We met quite a few times.  Funny how we all had great ideas but very few of them came to fruition. None-the-less, we got together as a class, and it was fun! I had no expectation that those I hadn’t spent much time with in high school would suddenly feel compelled to visit with me. My intention was to get as many of us together for a pleasant time, and we achieved that! We even had comments from classmates that said they weren't going to come, but were glad they had. 

Many of my classmates have grandchildren. Some of us are on our second marriage. Some had made career changes. BUT we all were looking for a brief time to reminisce about our high school years. In some small way I hope that it was blessing to my classmates. 

If a reunion is in your near future, consider taking it in. Sometimes attending ends up being less impactful for you than someone else. And if you want to make a good impression, you can stop out to Trav's. We have everything you need to look your best.

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