Family Reunion....Fun?

Family Reunion....Fun?

This weekend is Sherri's family reunion. She looks forward to this weekend each year. We have been washing bedding, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, scrubbing floors, tidying up rooms that rarely see humans. This will be a great time!

But seriously, for her mother Vivian, this is a big weekend. At 92, she is the last remaining one from her family. All of Vivian's brothers and sisters have passed. She does have a couple of sister-in-laws remaining. So she is excited to see her family - nieces and nephews and many of my wife's family will be there.

Family reunions seem to be fading away. My father mentioned this years ago. He remembers a time when families all worked together on the land. Most of the time spent was just trying to make a living - getting the work done. So for them, family reunions were a time to spend together socializing.  

Sometimes family reunions are really stressful. In many families there are family members that don't see eye to eye. Sometimes there are past hurts. Comments made out of frustration. Things said or left unsaid. Things done or left undone. Sherri and I have some of that in both our families. The truth is, it can make family reunions hard sometimes.

For me, forgiveness has been the answer. Forgiveness doesn't always equal resolution, but as I look at how I handled some family situations, I am less than impressed with my own actions. The taste of eating "crow" sometimes becomes familiar. As I have started to lead with forgiveness, I am finding that others are showing me grace. Kinda neat how that works.

Whatever place you find yourself in when it comes to family reunions, please know that you aren't alone. Many have similar experiences to yours. The Lord hears and sees hurting hearts. I've found that taking my anxiety to him in prayer helps. Enough on this sermon.

One thing that we can for sure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, help you with at Trav's, is how you will look when you show up to that reunion. We have some really awesome looking clothing and footwear for men and women. Stop out. Take a look. I think you will be surprised what you can find here.

I'll be praying that all reunions will go well.

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