Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Today the weekly schedule for me gets a bit more back to normal. Christmas and New Years are great holidays. They make for a much needed break for all of us - a time to slow down and reflect.  

But we are back at it. Here at Trav's, that means that it’s time to start to clear product. For us there is still a lot of winter left. So you will be able to find savings on outdoor wear that you can get a lot of use out of. There are savings in most every category throughout the store. We have placed most of our orders for Fall 2020 already, so we know what has to go.  

There will be many exciting changes in insulated workwear for Fall 2020.  There will also be some noticeable changes in our product mix for Fall as well.  

We are motivated to move some categories. Ladies clothing and outerwear is one of them. Ladies tops are on the markdown list. We have a whole rack of tops at $9.99. These are up to $50 shirts. We have a large group of hunting boots at just $59.99. These are up to $170 values. We have large groups of athletic shoes for both men and women starting at $59.99.  

Stop out when you have some time. Look around our nice space. There is so much here that you might not expect. Nearly all of it is on sale.

In about 6 weeks Spring 2020 merchandise will start to flow in.  

Please be safe. Take a few extra minutes when you are driving. Watch for others on the roads.

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