How Does Trav’s Prepare for Winter?

How Does Trav’s Prepare for Winter?

It's been a while. I am a poor typer so these blogs are work for me. I honestly have been missing writing them!

The question is asked of us often. "How does Trav's prepare for winter?"

As you can imagine, it starts before the current winter is over. By mid-November 2019, we will start to book goods to be delivered in September 2020. It’s challenging to know what we need before we know how items have performed in the current year.  

When the goods start flowing in during August and September, it is initially easy to get them in their correct categories and get the merchandising correct. By late October, all bets are off. Our inventory reaches its highest level.  At that point it gets a bit messy around Trav's.  

All is made right by mid to late November when the inventory levels start to go the other way - down.

Today, I handle the "roller coaster" ride better than I ever have. There is the excitement of all of the new and innovative products that we’ve found for our customers. Then as I watch the payables rise every week to huge numbers, the "doubt" sets in. "Did we over buy?"  "What was I thinking when I bought this?"  "I sure hope the customers haven’t forgotten about us!"

Each year we settle into a great rhythm, that by Thanksgiving is actually really enjoyable.

Thank you for continuing to trade with us. We are blessed to do what we do.

Until next time,
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