How to make your farm boots last longer

How to make your farm boots last longer

Footwear for working on the farm, or in the Ag industry in general, has really evolved over the years.

Long before I started in working in this industry in 1985, there was a need for good footwear for work. Many of us have old photos of family wearing leather boots on the farm. I actually have a photo of my mother’s grandfather by my desk wearing an all-leather, leather-sole boot for work.

Shortly after the turn of the century "rubber type" soles were starting to be used on boots. The two world wars expedited the development of manmade materials for the outsoles of boots. Today, we rarely have a call for leather-soled boots.  

Most of our customers buy boots with a rubber-type outsole, even for dress occasions. Once that pair of shoes gets a bit tough looking, they relegate them to everyday or work use and purchase another pair for dress. Some of our customers that are really tough on their boots have to buy a pair or two in between time.

The key to helping work boots last on the farm is keeping the leather soft. It doesn't matter if we sell you a $300 pair of leather work boots or a $100 pair, they will both get dried out and crack if they don't get the proper care. 

Work boots should be oiled a couple times a month in order to keep them soft.

Often it is perceived that the more that we pay for the boots, the longer that they will last. While there is a bit of truth to that line of thinking, it’s not straightforwardly the case.  More often, the more that we spend, the better the boots are for our feet. We just feel better at the end of the day when we wear them.

In recent years, we have also seen the movement to rubber and neoprene boots for work. This type of product does hold up to barnyard acids and chemicals a bit better than leather. These boots are also getting quite good at foot support as well.

I was told a long time ago by a wise man, “Spend money on two things in this world:  good footwear and a good bed. If we aren't in one we are in the other.” Makes sense to me!

We can definitely help you out with the footwear part.

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