It’s not about the shoes

It’s not about the shoes

It's not about the shoes. Odd statement from a guy that owns nearly 20,000 pair and helps run a company that sells many times that every year.

In my younger years in this business, it WAS all about the shoes. Since 1985, I have been using every opportunity I’ve had to learn about this business of footwear. That hunger to learn has helped us to reach the level we’re at today. 

Most of us at some point in our career start to ask: "Is this it? Is this what I was put here to do?” I have been blessed with a family that gives until it hurts. So when I did reach that point in my career, it was relatively easy to migrate to where my heart is today. 

For myself and many of us here at Trav’s, we understand this well. Sure, we must sell shoes in order to keep this business going. We won't ever lose sight of that fact. BUT, I believe firmly that God has blessed the success of this company for so much more than worldly gain. He expects/trusts/hopes that we will take a portion of the success we enjoy and do His work in this world. 

I often share, "One day when I see Jesus face to face, I don't think that He is going to be interested in how many pairs of shoes that I sold".  I think He has far more noble goals for all of us to attain. 

To that end, Trav's Outfitter supports many causes and projects in our immediate area as well as across the world. We believe in strong families. We believe that no one should be exploited for any reason. We believe that we should look after those that are hungry. Those that suffer from addictions. Those that have hurts, big or small.

This building on the east end of Watertown is a great place to buy shoes.  We offer unmatched selection. We have knowledge and expertise that can't be found anywhere else. We offer the best service we can. We do our best to take care of our valued customers after the sale. 

For those that have been long-time Trav's customers, thank you. Those of you that haven't had the chance to become part of the family, stop by. Reach out via our website or social media. We will do our best to show you our way of doing business. We think you will like what you've found.

Stay tuned. Going forward in this series of blogs I am excited to share many more details about how "this is not just about the shoes".

Stay warm. Be safe. Blessings to you all,





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