Laredo boots - what a tremendous value!

Laredo boots - what a tremendous value!

We have been promoting Laredo boots heavily just recently. I am hoping that you noticed?!?

You might be asking yourself why Laredo boots? Honestly when people think of western boot brands they think Ariat, Tony Lama, Double H, Justin, even Durango before Laredo comes to mind.

The answer is quite simple. VALUE.  Most brands have an ebb and flow. Right now Laredo is offering a great value to us and the consumer.  

Here's why:

In an effort to hang on to margin, many boot brands have started to cement or glue the soles on boots. They are disguising this practice quite well. The boots look as though they are stitched together, but in reality they are only cemented.

The reason this is a problem for most of our customers is this: our customers actually work in these boots. Over time with exposure to barnyard acids, chemicals and mud and water, the cement starts to let loose. At that point the soles of your boots will start to flop as you take a step.

Laredo does have a few boots that are cemented, but the majority of their boots are still welt construction. That means that the soles are actually sewn on the uppers. Where the VALUE comes in is this: to sew the boots together is much more costly than gluing them together. So when you can buy a sewn together boot for the same or less price than a glued boot, you are getting far more for your money.

Stop out today and take a look. Try on a pair or 5. Our great staff will answer your questions. I'm confident that we can fix you up. Our boot selection and knowledge is unmatched for hundreds of miles.

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