Reflections on Year One

Reflections on Year One

As I reflect on the first full year in our beautiful new space, I am amazed. This morning as I sit here it almost seems unreal. For over 34 years I have been in this business of retail. I have worked out of all types of places, but this one is different. This is an example of a hope that comes true almost larger than life.

Of course none of this would be possible without you. Without long-time, loyal customers that have put their trust in us to deliver good service and outstanding products, this hope remains only a dream. 

We attend many trade shows. We visit with 100's of vendors. Trav's Outfitter is blessed with one of the best customer base in the United States. Thank You. I truly believe that when a customer comes through the door of Trav's, it is a blessing. We are given an opportunity to help make their lives better, and now we have the right space in which to do it.

I also feel a strong sense of relief. I know there are better terms, but I feel relieved. A project of this size never gets off the ground without making a few promises. Those promises are made in good faith, but have no grounds. There are countless hours spent preparing documents and presentations to convince people to believe in your vision. 

There is also the sacrifice of time. Myself and my staff are blessed with loved ones and family that have supported this project. For over 4 years we have told many that this will work if they just help us. In this case, we have delivered. Each promise that we had to make to get this store built, we have been able to make good on, and that feels great! There is a relief in that. 

Again, without our customers and community support, we would not have been able to keep these promises. Thank you.

I am excited. Excited for the future of Trav's Outfitter. We have added many new categories of footwear and apparel. Some have worked, others have not. I am excited to continue to bring new categories of product to Watertown. I am excited to see who our neighbors will be as the land around us gets developed. I am excited to see the growth of Watertown and to be a part of it. I am excited to watch our staff grow in their knowledge of retail as well as personally.

Thank you for all of your years of support. Thank you for a great first year in our new store. Stop out for a cup of coffee often.

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