These Boots Designed by Trav’s

These Boots Designed by Trav’s

Not finding a boot you like? Just build one the way you want it!

Over 20 years ago, I did just that. It wasn't that I couldn't find boots I liked, it was all about value for my customers. Over the years I have designed/built over 50 styles of boots for specific reasons. Some boots were put together to meet a price. Others were designed to minimize the injury if hit with a chainsaw.

A lot has changed in the boot business. When I started designing boots it was really about emulation. We had branded styles that were great volume for us, but price increases had pushed us out of our sweet spot. In those days, I could use different components and achieve savings but still offer a boot that provided the same performance. 

In today's environment, that’s tougher to do. Brands have been "beat up" by retailers. Consumers and retailers alike have demanded cheaper prices. In an effort to appease customers, brands have slimmed their margins. So buying private label product doesn't save as much on the wholesale price as it used to. When the prices for in stock product are near what private label is, it’s tough to justify the additional capital outlay that comes with private label.  

We still do some "tweaking" of styles from a few brands to have them built to the preferences of our customers. We will often have leather outsoles replaced by work type outsoles on boots. We pre-book boots, meaning we see boots sometimes 12 months before we have them in stock. 

We have been invited to be on advisory boards for brands to help them make sure they put the features and benefits our customers need into their boots. Sometimes we will commit to 300 pair of a particular style of boot to assure that the brand gets enough pre-sales to get that custom boot made.

In 1997, I designed a chainsaw cut resistant boot. In over 20 years we have only changed one component. We lowered the heel height to make it more stable for the wearer in rough terrain. The end user of that boot is so satisfied that we are their exclusive supplier.

If you are looking for a boot to meet a specific need, come see us! We are well-connected in the industry. We will guide you the best that we can. We want to help you get into a boot that will be comfortable for you to wear. A boot that will hold up. A boot that will offer the protection your feet need.

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