Time to ride

Time to ride

It's 52 and partly cloudy as I type this message. I would love to be on my motorcycle, maybe later this evening.  

It has reached that time of year though: Spring fever. I catch it every year. As you’re waking your bike from its winter slumber, take some time to look over your gear. 

Often riding gear doesn't wear out, but over time it starts to not look quite as good as it once did. And sometimes, if you are like me, you just want a new jacket.

For years here at Trav's, we have been the place to get great gear at really reasonable prices. 

We carry most price points of leather. For the budget-minded rider or non frequent rider, we offer corrected skin leathers. This product is a buffalo leather that has a corrected grain or finish applied to it. We offer chaps in this skin at only $59.99 and vests at just $39.99.  

The next level of leather product is full grain buffalo. This skin is very long lasting and quite durable.  he grain is not consistent, nut the garments are a great value. Chaps at $99.99. Vests starting at $59.99. Jackets starting at $139.99.

The top of the mark is our drum dyed naked cowhide. These skins are very supple. They have a great hand. They are so nice to wear because they move with you. Only about 3 out of 10 hides qualify to be tanned by this method. Chaps are $159.99. Vests $119.99. Jackets start at $249.99.

We also sell gloves, neck and face gaiters, helmets, boots, and many other accessories that riders like and use.

Being a rider myself, we carry items that I know will work. Items that will protect. 

When you are out for a ride stop by - we will always have an ice cold water or a cup of Caribou coffee for you. 

Get out on those machines and enjoy them!

Ride safe.

Until next time,

Blessings to you.
Travas Uthe



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