Watertown Winter Farm Show Tradition Continues

Watertown Winter Farm Show Tradition Continues

One of Watertown's annual traditions in right around the corner: the Watertown Winter Farm Show.

This year the farm show will run from February 5th to the 9th. It is located at the Codington County Expo Center and the Watertown Field House in west Watertown.

For well over 70 years, the farm show has been a wintertime ritual for many in the Ag community. I am a relative "short timer" compared to most. My first year out there as an employee of a vendor was 1986. 

In those days, we were in a single booth selling custom sweatshirts targeted toward women. It was crazy how many we sold! Over the years we have sold boots, gloves, insoles, jackets, shirts, and jeans among other things. We have also asked many of the show's attendees to stop out to see us at our store. We have been able to meet customers and have conversations that would never have happened if we had not been at the farm show.

The show’s attendance, those showing livestock as well as those taking in the vendors, has waned in recent years. There are many reasons for this. I'm sure that I may only touch on some of them. Many of those that I put down today are results of conversations that I have had with customers. 

In years before the internet, shows like ours were a networking opportunity - a way to get together with other producers to help strengthen and grow their herds. Today that networking can be done at home with a few key-strokes. 

As I’ve said before, there seems to be less "time" all the time. Some other event, or life in general, just gets in the way. Another challenge is weather. Farm show week always used to be the coldest week of the year. Shows like the Black Hills Stock Show in Rapid City definitely have a leg up on us weather-wise.

But none-the-less, I want to invite you to Watertown in early February. Take some time out of your busy schedule to catch up with old friends. Laugh and joke about simpler times. Crazy events that God has seen you through. Take in a livestock show or two. Buy your lunch from the 4H groups. I trust that you will find it worth your while.

If you get to town, stop out to see us at our new store on east highway 212. We will be excited to see you.

As always, wishing you safe travels and God Bless,




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