Why Buy Premium Western Boots?

Why Buy Premium Western Boots?

In this blog I want to touch on the top of the top in western boots. Boots that are handcrafted. Boots that have full, thick leather insoles. Boots with double layers of cowhide leathers.

In our new store on east highway 212 here in Watertown we have a separate section for those types of boots. Olathe, Hondo, and Anderson Bean are a few of the premium brands we carry. These boots feature nearly 100% leather construction. The only two parts of these boots that aren't leather are the soles and the shanks. The lining, insoles, midsoles, uppers, vamps, piping - all are leather.

Many ask why. Why would I spend $350 to $450 on a pair of premium western boots? The answer is clear. Not easy to afford, but clear. 

Leather is healthy for feet. Leather does not hold foot odor like man-made materials. Leather holds up to foot perspiration. Leather shapes to your individual foot. Leather keeps the foot cooler. Leather lasts.  Better boots fit the foot better. 

We sell thousands of popular priced boots every year. These are good boots, but they have much less leather in them. Many do not have leather linings. Most of them have fiberlastic midsoles. Over time fiberlastic material comes apart from foot perspiration. Most of them have cushion insoles in them.

Most of these components that are in popular priced boots are fine, but not premium.

I often say the biggest difference between premium boots and popular priced boots is this: popular priced boots feel the very best the first day you wear them. They offer immediate comfort. But over time that comfort goes away. The man-made fabric linings hold foot odor. 

On the other hand, premium boots feel the least comfortable the first day you wear them. Each time you wear them and your feet sweat in them, they form to your foot. Over time, even without you noticing, they end up "custom fit" to your foot.

Whether you are a popular priced boot buyer or you want to try on a pair of premium boots, stop by and see us. We would love to show them to you.

I often say that trying on is free. And it is free, but be careful, once you get to feel a pair of really great boots, you just might get hooked.

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