Why I Love to Ride

Why I Love to Ride

As with most of my blogs, you have to endure one of my stories before we get to the "meat"of it.

Many motorcyclists start riding at young ages. They were raised around motorcycles. I was not that kid. Even though my father had a couple of bikes when I was a kid to save money on gas, none of them were available to me. 

In my early 20's when I became a father, I decided chasing around to dirt tracks racing was not the best plan for my young family. I had always had old pickups, but was looking for another hobby.

In August of 1991, I went to Sturgis my first time. I went there to sell leather jackets and chaps. We did not do well, but I fell in love with motorcycles. 

At age 23, I bought my first bike: a 1982 Ironhead Sportster. At 55 MPH, that bike shook and rattled like crazy, but those were the days. Harley was 3 years out to get a new bike and I wanted to learn to ride. By late 1995 when my new bike came in, I was ready to get off that Sportster.

So that is where it started for me. I have ridden thousands of miles since then. I have been blessed - only put one bike down over all these years. Lots of near misses though. Each time I ride I am reminded of the beauty and harshness of nature. At 70 degrees and no wind there is no place that I would rather be than on a motorcycle. At 40 degrees and a steady mist it makes me wonder why I ever started this hobby.

I have met many friends through motorcycling. I have amassed hundreds of great stories from riding all over our USA. This August, it will be 28 years in a row that I have made the trip to Sturgis. I am often asked about Sturgis. The fact of the matter is, you can enjoy the riding whether you are being naughty or nice, and I’ve been on both sides of that fence. There is just an energy that comes from thousands of motorcycles rumbling through the Black Hills.

We’ve started a weekly ride/drive that leaves from Trav's Outfitter each Wednesday night.  We leave at 6 pm and try to be back to town before dark. It’s a great opportunity to get together with like-minded people and enjoy our machines. Whether you have a hot rod or a bike, come join us!

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