Why we do what we do, part 2

Why we do what we do, part 2

With the winter unwilling to let us free, I feel compelled to share about why we sell high quality clothing and footwear that keep our customers warm and safe.

I will often speak of my childhood. My family moved to Watertown when I was in the third grade. My father was a lineman. Prior to coming to Watertown, he had worked for a few different rural electric cooperatives.  

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, like today, it was a challenging choice to only have one income. It was important to my Father to have my mother home with my brother and I. It took effort and sacrifice to save up for good quality work clothing at our house. 

My Father would save a small portion of each paycheck so that each fall he could buy one item of Carhartt outerwear. I remember year after year going with my dad as he would buy a jacket or bib overall. He always would buy a good set of gloves or high quality wool cap.

One time I remember asking my Dad why he followed this disciplined pattern. He responded very plainly: "I must work outdoor for my job. God gave me these tools, my hands, my legs, my feet, my eyes. Without these tools I am useless to my employer. It is my job to protect these tools. That is why I wear only quality clothing and footwear. I can't afford to risk these tools to inferior products."

Not sure, but maybe that is where I got the yearning for good gear. When I started in retail at age 15, I was drawn to good gear. Now 34 years later, I still really enjoy buying good stuff to offer our customers. It still feels good to see customers leaving with shoes, clothing, and accessories that I firmly know will give them good service. That will protect their "tools". Products that will protect them from the elements.

Times have changed some. The thought of saving for a garment for a year is gone from our culture. Many customers will "settle" for a bit less quality. We have been sensitive to those customers. We know that each customer has a budget that they adhere to. We offer products in most price and quality ranges. 

But my heart is still set on offering the best products at the best value.

My hope this day is that you are safe and warm. Inside from the harsh winds that blow. But, if you must be out in this, rest assured that we have the products you can count on.

Stop by when you get a chance. Get yourself a cup of coffee or a bottle of water. We know what we do is about so much more that selling products. We are in the business of caring for our neighbors.



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