Why we do what we do, part 3

Why we do what we do, part 3

It’s the Friday after Easter Sunday. I'm a bit late getting this written, but honestly have struggled with the topic for this blog. There are so many things that we do here at Trav's. It should be easy to pick one to share. But it took a little help from Mike and a bit of prayer to put this together.

The relief from the "writers block" ultimately came from the Resurrection Story. This old story is why we do everything that we do. For years I have focused on the suffering Christ did on our behalf. But this "Resurrection"? What do we do with this? I think this type of thinking should permeate from us. It should be the "glow" that others notice. Unspoken.

Here at Trav's, we love, but not in a worldly way. Only Christ loved perfectly, but we do our best to emulate Christ's perfect love.  

We love our staff. We believe that our staff can't love our customers if we don't show them love first. I had a customer ask me just yesterday, "Is this "Thanking thing" that you all do a part of your training?"  Not really a training thing for us. BUT, was great confirmation to me that Loving our staff is starting to spill over to our customers.

We love our community. Yes we love Watertown. But our community stretches far beyond Watertown. When good things happen we rejoice with our community. When things are tough we endure with our community. When we experience loss we grieve with our community. We are "invested". Not just financially, but emotionally as well.

We love our family. We love each of our immediate and extended families, but also the Trav's Family - from our retail store customers, to our Mobile Safety Truck customers. We also love our vendors. We work diligently to foster relationships that are mutually beneficial to our vendors, Trav's, and our customers.

This is a very small glimpse of what we are doing in the glory of the Resurrection. We hope that in the light of the Easter miracle this finds you well.

Stop out when your time allows. We always have a cup of Caribou coffee or a bottled water waiting for you.

Until next time,

Blessings to you,



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